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Nexia Home Automation System - Security Bundle

A Nexia Security Bundle provides that extra assurance that your home and family are safe and secure when you're not there. Getting notified any time your loved ones come home. Seeing at a glance what's happening at home. Timing warm lights to fill an empty house with life. Nexia security features come together in a system you can manage and monitor from anywhere.
Products Included in this Bundle
Schlage Home Security - Security Kit

Nexia Bridge



Nexia Bridge is your system's workhorse, required to make Nexia™ Home Intelligence work. The Bridge connects all your Nexia products and—along with a Nexia subscription—allows you to remotely manage your home security and energy usage from the Internet.

Nexia™ Home Intelligence is a smart, Internet based system that allows you to control your home from anywhere with most web-connected computers, tablets or smart phones. Wirelessly connect many compatible Z-Wave products through the Bridge to create a Nexia system that fits your life and family.

•  The Nexia Bridge allows you secure home management through your online Nexia subscription.
•  The Nexia Bridge connects to your router to allow you to control your home through a broadband Internet connection. It communicates wirelessly with many other Nexia-compatible Z-Wave products so that you have complete control over your home, whether you're at home or away.

•  Add additional (up to 232) Nexia compatible devices to the Bridge to expand your home automation system anytime.
•  All communications are securely encrypted.
•  The average Z-Wave communication range is 60 - 100 feet.*

Remote management with a Nexia™ Home Intelligence system requires the Nexia Bridge and a monthly subscription of $8.99.



•  Product height: 4.8”
•  Product width: 4.0”
•  Product weight: 7 oz
•  Product depth: 1.4”
•  For indoor use only
•  2 year limited warranty
•  Z-Wave, FCC certified

The Nexia Bridge is compatible with Nexia products and many other Z-Wave devices for the home Check the Z-Wave certified product listing for other Nexia compatible products.
Schlage Home Keypad Lever


Installs in minutes, secures for years. Schlage has been the solid, reliable choice in security locks and deadbolts for over 90 years. With Nexia™ Home Intelligence and Schlage wireless locks, you control comings and goings—you don't even have to be there. Unlock doors from afar. Give codes to family members or one time entry to a repair man or guest. Monitor access. No key, no problem.


A Schlage Home Keypad Deadbolt makes it easy for you to know who's coming and going in your house. Entry codes help you control traffic and improve your sense of security when you're not there. Use Nexia™ Home Intelligence and Schlage to keep tabs on the front door, or check to make sure you locked up the house when you left for work.

With Nexia™ Home Intelligence and a Schlage Home Keypad Lever you can:

•  Grant entry to your home from anywhere when you need to let someone in but can't get there. You can activate your wireless lock from your Nexia subscription.
•  Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members to use at the door.
•  Set Nexia to send you instant text or email alerts when certain family members use their codes, so you always know who's home.
•  Set a recurring code to let someone like a housekeeper in every week during a specific timeframe, or set up a one-time code for a guest you want to let in for a set time period.
•  Add, delete or change user codes remotely.
•  Confirm the status of your wireless lock anytime, from most web-connected computers, tablets or smart phones.
Remote control lock features:
•  Up to three years of battery life
•  A Nexia product that blends easily into your smart home system
•  Shows you battery level at the lock and online using your Nexia subscription
•  Simple installation and setup—easy for non do-it-yourselfers, too
•  Paired with the Nexia Bridge, you'll be connected quickly
•Non-wearing keypad, lighted for nighttime use

•  Product height: 5.42”
•  Product width: 3.17”
•  Product weight: 5.8 lbs.
•  Product depth: 2.18”
•  Keying: 5 pin tumbler C keyway with 2 nickel silver keys
•  Door range: 1.375” to 1.75” (35mm-44mm) standard
•  Backset size: Universal latches and deadbolts fit 2.375 (60mm) or 2.75 (70mm) backset
•  Lifetime limited mechanical and I year limited electronics warranty
•  Z-Wave, FCC certified
•  Uses 128 bit AES encryption for security

Schlage Home Keypad Lever - Door Preparation for Door with no Holes (PDF)

Schlage Home Indoor Wireless Camera

Remotely monitor activities within your home while you're away. Know what your children are doing after school, what your dog is up to during the day, and other comings and goings. Watch live from the Internet or on the go from your smart phone.

Nexia™ Home Intelligence and the Schlage Home Indoor Camera allow you to remotely monitor activities within your home while you're away. Simply log in to your web-based Nexia account or use your mobile app to view live cameras in your home. Add more cameras to get more views in key rooms. See what's happening at your house anytime, in real time, at any moment you choose—from most web-connected computers, tablets or smart phones.

•  The Schlage Home Indoor Camera allows you to remotely monitor your home, allowing you to stay in touch and in control.
•  Keep an eye on children, housekeepers and pets for reassurance when you're away.
•  Set up cameras in key spots in your home and view live video anytime from most web-accessible computers, tablets or smart phones.
•  Securely and easily connects to the web via your router.
•  Camera requires a Nexia subscription for easy video viewing via computer or smart phone app.
•  Select high or low resolution video options to best fit your technology needs.
•  Installation and setup are simple. You'll be up and running quickly.
•  Use indoors to monitor any room.


•  Product height: 6.66”
•  Product width: 4.28”
•  Product weight: 1.7 lb
•  Product depth: 11.14”
•  For indoor use only
•  1 year limited warranty
•  FCC certified
•  Internet enabled phone and computers through Nexia; wireless router required for wireless use
The Schlage Home Indoor Camera includes:

•  Schlage IP wireless color camera
•  Mounting bracket
•  Ethernet cable
•  A/C power adapter
Schlage Home Dimmer Module

Nexia™ Home Intelligence and Schlage Home Dimmer Module make it easy for you to control your plug-in lamps when you're not at home. Turn lights on or off—even dim them—on command or at scheduled times, all from the Internet with this simple plug-in component.

The Schlage Home Dimmer Module puts smart home lighting control in your hands, from anywhere. All you need is Nexia™ Home Intelligence and most any web-connected computer, tablet or smart phone. It lets you do so much more than turn on a light.

•  Set Nexia to automatically trigger "lights on” with a Schlage Home Keypad Lock when you enter your code at the door.
•  Reduce energy use and save money by turning lights off after you leave the house.
•  Control table and floor lamps remotely through your Nexia subscription.
•  Brighten or dim a room on your way home to prepare a comfortable setting.
•  The Home Dimmer Module expands the reach of Nexia in your home by extending its range up to 200 additional feet so you can add more Nexia devices.
•  The Home Dimmer Module provides one Nexia AC outlet and one standard AC outlet so you're not sacrificing any outlet space.

•  Product height: 6”
•  Product width: 4.4”
•  Product weight: 8 oz.
•  Product depth: 3”
•  For indoor use only
•  1 year limited warranty
•  Z-Wave, FCC certified
•  Works with incandescent table and floor lamps
•  Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz
•  300W maximum power rating
•  Signal (Frequency) 908.42 MHz
For Frequently Asked Questions visit Nexia Home Intelligence - FAQ Page
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