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PropertyShark Announces the Date and Venue for the Annual Networking Event & User Appreciation Party.

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 By Indranil Bhattacharjee

September 10, 2014



PropertyShark is about to host a celebration party and networking event to express their gratitude towards New York’s real estate professionals that subscribe to Scheduled to take place on September 16 at Space Ibiza New York, the event will be attended by over 750 guests and the team members from PropertyShark.  

New York City, September 10, 2014

PropertyShark  announces the details of their upcoming annual networking event and user appreciation party. This is a networking event and celebration that will be hosted to appreciate New York based real estate professionals that are also PropertyShark subscribers. The event will take place in New York’s Space Ibiza on September 16 . The host expects over 750 guests to attend the event to enjoy a memorable night full of fun, mouth watering food, and great music. 

A part of the Yardi group, PropertyShark is dedicated to assisting real estate professionals around the world in efficient property evaluation by offering them accurate property data including sales price, ownership, and much more. This is why PropertyShark is extremely popular amongst real estate companies, investors, workers, and different other people attached to the industry. 

Subscribers can attend PropertyShark’s networking events free of charge. Over the years, real estate investors, brokers, and industry experts have also shown great interest in attending this event.  This year, special VIP invitations will be sent out by PropertyShark to the most prominent professionals in the real estate sector.

This year’s annual user appreciation and networking event will be the largest ever in the history of this event. DJ Alex Pearce and DJ Heather M will be in-charge of guest entertainment. The party will also feature celebrity chef Barret Beyer. Some of the sponsors for this year’s event are Wells Fargo, Kensington Vanguard, Real Estate Education Center, Better Qualified, Empower, and many more.     

Talking about the upcoming event, one of PropertyShark’s strategic client account executives Derek Hall said, “I’ve been working at PropertyShark since 2006, and I am beyond excited for this year’s networking party. I’ve seen the menu, and it’s worth coming just for that, not to mention the entertainment we have lined up,”

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